John Noble
Curriculum vitae
November 2018
November 2018
0415 658 257
Melbourne, Australia
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About me

For 20 years I have worked in a diverse variety of roles across 50+ countries. I am now an NV2-cleared Project Manager based in Melbourne. I love to travel (but not full-time).
Incredibly process-driven, in 2010 I invented a system to organise projects which I use across every project I manage. It’s called Johnny.Decimal and you should use it in your projects (or hire me to do that for you). is documented at
I’m a problem solver, and I’ll get bored if there isn’t something to do. I’m a people person and I work by consensus rather than conflict. I’m a hard worker who puts his noise-cancelling headphones on and gets on with it.

What am I looking for?

What is my rate?

After just completing a 3-year project, I am looking for something a little shorter.

I'd rather be smashed with a difficult project for a couple of months than become part of your furniture. IKEA is good for furniture. Me, not so much.

Ideally you’ll have something that will keep me busy for a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

From $1,200–$1,500 per day (ex. GST), depending on:
  • The nature of the job
  • The length of the contract
  • The location
  • The requirement for security clearance

Position history

Software Development Architect
Analysed, designed, and built both the process and the ServiceNow-based tool to enable management of Leidos’ contract with the Department of Defence.
  • ~5,000 ‘contract line items’ (CLIs) across 6 contract schedules analysed, cleaned, and imported.
  • Remediation process developed and deployed.
  • Custom ServiceNow tool built to manage the flow of a CLI from a non-compliant state, through the remediation process, to compliance.
Leidos (was Lockheed Martin)
Technical Project Controller
Melbourne & Canberra
Responsible for all aspects of the hardware implementation of the Department of Defence’s Centralised Processing program, including:
  • The 3-year, 10,000+ line schedule, which was successfully delivered on time
    • I ran the schedule, and the team implementing it, from hardware procurement through delivery, asseting, physical installation (including end-to-end network cabling), to the point of power-on; at this point I handed off to the core infrastructure software deployment team
    • We consolidated 200+ data centres to 4 cores, 7 regionals, and 3 internationals
    • I also deployed the equipment at ~50% of these sites, including the 3 international sites
    • The wonderful Deltek Open Plan Professional was the scheduling tool of choice
  • Management of all physical data centre-related contract deliverable items to the customer
    • Site surveys prior to installation to ensure availability of power, cooling, and rack space
    • Fully audited hardware installation details; every item, including all cables, barcoded and verified
    • Full asset details for billing, maintenance, and BAU support (~2,500 items of hardware)
    • Site hazard analysis for EHS compliance
  • Team lead for the Network, Security, Deployment, and Tools & Process teams
    • Between 10 & 15 people, depending on the project phase, across Melbourne & Canberra
    • “Best team lead ever.” –My mate Cameron
  • Planned, managed and implemented core switch upgrades (Cisco Nexus 7K series) at 2 very significant Defence locations; completed over long weekends with no downtime
Byte Information Technology
Project Manager
Planned and implemented a 1,000+ seat Wintel refresh program across 7 Amcor sites in Australia & New Zealand. 7 AU/NZ sites.
National Australia Bank
Project Manager
I attempted to be a productive PM on the infamous NextGen project; I failed. I almost didn’t put this job in here, but then realised it’s instructive as to who I am not.
This was a project without a well defined schedule: a milestone was a diamond drawn in Visio! No dependencies, no accountability. Two subcontractors in direct competition with each other working towards the same goal on the same project. It was an utter shambles.
It was the worst job I’ve ever had and I’ll never do anything like it again. Thanks for listening.
Service Delivery Manager
Melbourne & Bangalore, India
Migrated the NAB’s 1st level Service Desk to a new offshore desk based in Bangalore, India.
Designed improved escalation and feedback processes to anticipate and prevent customer dissatisfaction events. Improved the desk’s knowledge tools to enable agents to discover solutions. Customer satisfaction increased from ~65% at arrival to an on-target 85+%.
Victorian Building Authority
Solution Architect
Planned and delivered the migration of the organisation’s physical Exchange 5.5 infrastructure to a virtualized Exchange Server 2010 hosted on VMware ESX.
Upgraded the core Citrix farm to XenApp, including a high visibility public-facing database with over 100,000 users.
Mod Dance Company
Project managed, from inception, a Graeme Murphy contemporary dance production (‘Suite Synergy’), seen by more than 5,000 people at the State Theatre, Melbourne and Star City, Sydney.
This was the greatest job I’ve ever had. Me and a couple of friends got involved with this project and it turned from a thing we did at night in to our full-time job. It consumed us for a year: we did everything, and we made it up as we went.
We opened in March 2011 at the State Theatre in Melbourne. The show toured to Sydney, and we had plans to take it to Brisbane and Perth until we realised that we had no money left. You should listen to people who tell you there’s no money in the arts.
National Australia Bank
Service Development Manager
Planned and delivered the migration of 3,500 users from legacy platforms to a centralised remote access solution (‘Access NAB’) based on Citrix XenDesktop/XenApps; integrated the support processes to BAU and transitioned business processes offshore.
National Australia Bank
Desktop Support Manager
Managed the bank’s 2nd level Desktop Support team, the escalation point for all desktop and application related issues for the bank’s 33,000 seats.
Managed the transition of the bank’s 1st level support function from Telstra to IBM; assisted the new desk in Queensland with process, training and quality issues.
National Australia Bank
Senior Technical Specialist
Implemented the bank’s new nationwide XP desktop solution; 3rd level technical specialist deep in the Windows Server admin tools.
Department of Justice Victoria
Senior Technical Consultant
Relocated the Department’s data centre from Melbourne’s CBD to a 3rd party hosting provider over the course of 6 weekends without a single unplanned disruption to service.
Virtualised a number of critical legacy systems (VMware) as part of the migration to mitigate the risks of ageing hardware.
Senior Technical Consultant
Consultant providing Microsoft installation and support services to gen-i’s customers.
Senior Technical Consultant
Ipswich, UK
Consultant providing Microsoft installation and support services to Getech’s customers.
The British Council
Global Implementation Manager
Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Colombia, Ukraine, Senegal, Nigeria, Tunisia, Spain, Portugal, Italy ... okay, I’m showing off
Planned and implemented a global SOE rollout in a bunch of countries around the world. This was back in the day when you still got flown Business everywhere. Good times.
The National Grid
Rollout Team Leader
London, UK
Responsible for a team of 15, providing support to rollout teams operating around the country: account migration, 2nd/3rd line support and server deployment.
European Rollout Team Leader
Northern Europe & Scandinavia
Responsible for teams of up to 5 engineers deploying a standard desktop to over 2,000 desktops across Europe and Scandinavia.
Rollout Team Leader
Hertfordshire, UK
We got there! Are you still reading?! My first job. I co-ordinated the rollout of Windows NT (as the customer rather than the vendor).
National Australia Bank
various roles
  • Planned and executed the migration of 3,500 users from legacy platforms to a centralised remote access solution (‘Access NAB’) – 2 years
  • Managed the bank’s 2nd level desktop support team – 1 year
  • Managed the transition of the 1st level support function from Telstra to IBM – 1 year
Before that...
  • Migrated a data centre for the Department of Justice Victoria
  • Deployed thousands of users for The British Council in places like Nigeria, Colombia, and Kosovo; before that, for EDS/Xerox across Northern Europe
  • Technical Consultant for a couple of companies both here and in the UK
  • 3 years of a 4 year BSc Computer Science degree at the University of York, UK


University of York
BSc Computer Science
York, UK
I went to uni and, honestly, didn’t do a lot of work. Freedom, as an 18-year-old! Who wants to study?
Fortunately my 3rd year was a placement year, and I ended up at Xerox. At the end of that year, my university weren’t so keen on having me back (due to my woefully poor academic performance) and Xerox weren’t so keen on having me leave (due to my exquisitely fine work performance). For me it was perfect—I loved work, I hated study.
And so, I didn’t finish my degree and I stayed at Xerox. It has turned out to be one of the most serendipitous decisions I’ve ever made; the Xerox job led to work all around Europe, which led to my job with The British Council which took me all around the world. You don’t get to travel the world on expenses in a graduate position, no sir.
Other professional studies
Through the years I’ve done the odd qualification here and there—Microsoft, Citrix, the usual stuff—but I’ve always found it pointless. You don’t learn anything.
Recently I’ve thought about doing one of the Project Management certifications but I’ve met enough PMs who are ‘PRINCE2 certified’ to know it’s a waste of money. I spend my time refining Johnny.Decimal instead.


Alex Garner

Diana Gardner

Alex is the Datacentre & Infrastructure Manager at Leidos and was my most recent manager.

I met Alex in 2006 when we both worked at NAB. Since then we have been close friends, and in 2015 he called me and asked me if I could come to work at Leidos.

Diana is a Program Manager who I have also known since the NAB days and have since worked with at Leidos.

On hearing of my departure, she was kind enough to offer to be a referee.

Contact details for Alex and Diana are available on request.


Technologies I know
I grew up with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum+, moved up to the mighty Amiga 500, then it all went downhill as I spent my first student loan on a Dell Dimension P90.
I’m an old-school Wintel guy. My formative working years were spent with NT4 and Windows 95. Since then my professional career has followed the Microsoft path: I was a 3rd level sysadmin when Windows 2000/XP was all the rage, and I’ve put my time in at the Microsoft console. I know my way round Active Directory.
I know enough about a network to get by, though I wouldn’t call myself a network engineer. I can calculate a subnet using binary and a pencil, which surely counts for something.
For the last 5-or-so years, however, I’ve been off the tools. Now I’m more interested in helping the team that has their fingers on the console work as efficiently as they can, rather than doing it myself. If you’re looking for an engineer, that is no longer me.
Now, unless forced to do otherwise at work, I live on a Mac.
Tools I use
I like to keep things simple, and favour the following tools and methodologies.
  • Do I need to mention Johnny.Decimal again? :-)
  • I use OmniFocus or Things to track what I need to do, depending on my mood and the complexity of the project.
  • I use the Pomodoro Technique to focus on work. Turns out, on a great day you can get about 5 hours of actual work done. (Interesting experiment: I’ll only bill you the actual hours I work, like a lawyer. My rate will be higher as a result, but I think it would work out better for both parties.)
  • For writing almost anything, it’s Markdown. Plain-text is all we need; I abhor MS Word.
  • Keeping notes (in Markdown) is easy with Simplenote (if you’re able to sync to the internet), ResophNotes (if you’re not), or Bear (if you’re mostly a macOS/iOS user and like pretty things).
  • That all said, my general distaste for Microsoft products stops at the door of Excel. Excel is a beautiful thing and I could not live without it. I will not be modest about my Excel skills: I kill it.
  • You can’t beat a Rhodia notepad and a Blackwing Pearl pencil.
  • Please don’t email me. I sit next to you! And if I’m not there, I have a phone! My ideal job is one where I don’t have an email account.
  • I don’t have a LinkedIn account. I had one but found its value to be questionable nonexistent and the spam annoyed me, so I deleted it.
HTML5/CSS3/Node.js development
The current issue with Johnny.Decimal is that you need some sort of system to keep track of your database of numbers. I use Google Sheets at home and generally fall back to a SharePoint List when I’m working for someone else, but both solutions are clunky.
I need a custom solution, so I decided to build one. I’m in the process of teaching myself the core web technologies: HTML5 & CSS3 (which I’ve used to hand-code the page you’re reading, from scratch), with Javascript & Node.js/Express for actual application functionality.
The whole thing will be hosted on a Linode instance; I know enough *nix to maintain my own hosting services.
November 2018 update: I'm looking back on this code that I wrote only six months ago and it’s embarrassingly bad. Now I’m learning React! Johnny.Decimal is still a work-in-progress, it’s iterated through vanilla JS, Node.js/Express, and now React.

Download my resume as a Word document

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